Chatter: New private social networking tool for companies

by abisignorelli on November 19, 2009

I’ve been reading a lot on Twitter over the past few days about a new private social networking tool, Chatter, being launched early in 2010 by Salesforce.
After running a workshop for Melcrum yesterday on Social Media for Internal Comms, I know this is something people are crying out for. Although it predominantly looks like it’s targeted at sales organisations, it’s a great move in the right direction in terms of tools for employee engagement, collaboration and communication.
Chatter claims to be “a new way to collaborate with people in your company in real-time in a private and completely secure environment.” “With Chatter, you’ll stay on top of everything that’s happening in your company with real-time updates on people, groups, documents, and your application data. You’ll find experts and discover new information in the Chatter real-time feed. And all of it will fuel better—and faster—business decisions.” “With the new Chatter social platform, social features and capabilities will be available for any application built and run on the platform. Your custom apps will generate real-time feed updates, incorporate user profiles, and encourage dynamic interactions between people and groups.

I’d love to know of all the other private social networking tools available for the enterprise – if you’ve got any thoughts, please post a comment below as I’d like to do a lot more research on what’s available out there.

Here’s a pretty good demo summarising Chatter’s features.



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