Melcrum Social Media Conference – Louise McGregor interview

by abisignorelli on January 19, 2010

Melcrum Social Media Conference - Louise McGregor interviewIt’s now only three weeks until Melcrum’s Social Media Conference, and I’m continuing with my series of interviews with all the speakers and workshop leaders. So far, I’ve interviewed James Bennett, Melcrum’s Head of Content, on the benefits of attending the conference, Euan Semple, our keynote speaker for the event, Pete Stevenson, Creative Director at The Edge, on employee generated videos and Lee Bryant, Co-founder of Headshift, on integrating social media into intranet communications.

Today, I spoke to Louise McGregor from ING Group – Louise manages ING’s web expert centre and has extensive experience in implementing social media guidelines.

In this interview, Louise talks through some of the things they’re doing in addition to introducing guidelines, such as educating their employees. She also touches on some of the risks they face and how to mitigate these.

We had some great questions coming in from Twitter, which Louise answers during the interview. A big thanks to @JON1 and @mklein818 for sending them in.

Tomorrow, at 2pm, I’ll be interviewing Helen Farrar from Virgin Media on how they’re using social media to give employees a voice.

If you’ve got any questions for Helen or any of the other speakers, do drop me a comment on this blog or tweet me. Thanks

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