Melcrum Social Media Conference – Ismayeel Syed interview

by abisignorelli on January 27, 2010

Melcrum Social Media Conference - Ismayeel Syed interviewWith just two weeks to go, here’s the final ipadio interview I’ve done with all the speakers for Melcrum’s Social Media Conference. The interviews include; James Bennett, Melcrum’s Head of Content, on the benefits of attending the conference; Euan Semple, our keynote speaker for the event; Pete Stevenson, Creative Director at The Edge, on employee generated videos; Lee Bryant, Co-founder of Headshift, on integrating social media into intranet communications; Louise McGregor from ING Group on introducing social media guidelines; Helen Farrar from Virgin Media on using social media to give employees a voice and, yesterday, Geoff Timblick from Vodafone on using a variety of social media platforms to get people talking.

Today, I spoke to Ish Syed who’s a Senior Technical Authority from Aviva World. Ish talks about how they’ve taken social media to a whole new level by using audio and video broadcasts as well as employee generated content. During the interview, as well as sharing advice on producing a detailed business case, he gives some useful tips and tricks when asking employees to get involved in producing their own content.

Once again, we had some great questions coming in from Twitter, which Ish answers during the interview. A big thanks to @GLABChung and @oddsocks07 for sending them in.


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