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#CHRU Cloud, boos, pics and thoughts

by abisignorelli on October 22, 2010

Yesterday, I attended, or rather participated in the first ConnectingHR Unconference – a gathering of HR folks talking about social communication and collaboration opportunities in the workplace. This is a subject very dear to my heart so expectations for me were pretty high. I’m delighted to say, the day didn’t just meet expectations, but massively exceeded them. A massive big up to the organisers @joningham and @garelaos but perhaps a more important huge thanks to the passion, energy and enthusiasm shown by all the participants – you are the ones that made it work and made it so special.

I also think credit is due to the Reservoir Dogs/Dragons’ Den-esque venue, The Spring – not the sort of venue you’d expect for such a gathering, but it strangely worked. Somehow, the lack of facilities, the huge open space, the dust, the cold, the children’s height sinks, the lentils and the gospel thrown in during the evening helped bring us all together. I’m convinced that a more traditional, facility-rich, more formal venue just wouldn’t have worked.

In the interest of keeping this post short as short as possible (which is still pretty long!!), I’ve popped in some things that, for me, really capture the day. Scroll down to listen to the audioboos and see the pics from the day.

“Proceed until apprehended” my favourite quote of the day. In other words, just go for it –  don’t be squashed by bureaucracy and red tape when introducing social stuff in the workplace.

Lunchtime word cloud

Control turned out to be the hottest word of the morning (see the word cloud above) – seems a shame that this is still such a hot topic and something we’re all having to debate with the sceptics on a daily basis.

Friday morning word cloud

Friday morning’s word cloud (taken at 10:00) shows a pretty different picture though eh? Are you feeling the love folks?

I carried out a few Audioboo interviews during the day – taken a listen by clicking the play button in the media players below…

It was a truly great day and I’m feeling a huge buzz about being part of such a great collection of like-minded people. And, I’m really excited about what the future may bring. I’ll be writing up the notes from the Future of ConnectingHR session and will pop these on Yammer for us to continue the conversation.

Lots of great new connections are flying around this morning – on twitter, linkedin, youtube and facebook. If we’re not connected yet, you can follow me on twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr and linkedin, and I’ll make sure to follow you right back. I also have a facebook page and delicious account where I share lots of social media and communication tips, tricks and articles – so do join me there.

And, finally, below’s a little gallery of some of the pics I took on the day. You can also see higher res images on my flickr page. I particularly like the shots of Jon’s very elegant Tai Chi like poses!


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James Mayes October 22, 2010 at 11:40 am

Top production Abi, love the mix of media you’ve managed to get into one post! Great round up, and I think you’re right on the money with your venue comments. The initial trepidation and cold created a unifying feeling before any meaningful discussion even started.


Alan Whitford October 22, 2010 at 3:31 pm

Hi Abi

Great blog, echo James’ sentiments about the mix of media. Looking forward to trying out audioboo. Have a great weekend,



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