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by abisignorelli on November 2, 2010

On Thursday (4th November 2010), I’ll be participating in the #truNORA unconference in London. #truNora is the 6th in a series of unconferences organised by #tru (The Recruiting Unconference.) In the words of Bill Boorman, tru’s main man…

An unconference is an event that has no fixed structure and only two rules, no power point and no presentations. The day is split in to sessions during which a series of “tracks” run on a theme with a track leader hosting the discussion, debate and learning. The discussion takes a life of its own with attendees bringing their own views, questions and opinions as well as debate. This takes many directions and concludes with real learning and opinion forming. The track leaders have been carefully chosen from their areas of experience and knowledge and the value they can bring to the “track” and have been drawn from across the globe giving a real global view. We will be adding to the list of track leaders right up to the day of the event (and even during it.)

On Thursday, the event will bring together participants from all kinds of backgrounds with a shared interest. Job Boards, Recruiters (Corporate and Agency), Technologists, Mobile Specialists, Branding Companies and more, all with a shared interest in talent attraction from a different perspective. No talking heads to listen to and nod or nod off. Thursday’s tracks include (but will absolutely not be limited to):

  • The Real Candidate Experience
  • Technology And Integration
  • Community Building
  • Going Niche
  • New Model Army
  • Being Mobile
  • Linking In
  • Sales From Technology
  • In The Clouds
  • Social media Circus
  • Big Brother
  • The Blog Squad.

Bill goes on to say:

“Each track lasts an hour, with 3 running an hour. “You can move between tracks as you wish, it’s not considered rude and there is no need to stand on ceremony. Get what you want and move on, like an all you can eat buffet! We would expect to add tracks throughout the day as participants come up with new ideas or want something more on a subject, just tell us what you want to do or take part in, (not ask), and we will schedule and announce it.”

As I did at the ConnectingHR unconference #CHRU a couple of weeks ago, I’ll be carrying out a series of audioboo interviews throughout the day – and, once again, I’ll be sharing these with you.

So, if you’re coming along to #truNORA and have a story to share, I’d love a few minutes of your time for a quick interview. And, if you can’t make it, and there’s someone in particular you’d like to hear from, let me know and I’ll see if I can grab them for a quick boo.


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