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#truNORA cloud, boos and pics

by abisignorelli on November 5, 2010

Bill and his whistleYesterday, I participated in my first TRU event – the #truNORA unconference in London, (un)organised by Mr TRU himself, Bill Boorman. It’s the 2nd unconference I’ve attended in the past couple of weeks (the first being #CHRU). It hasn’t taken much for me to realise that unconferences are a fantastic way to share, collaborate, network, have fun, learn, debate, play, laugh, drink and be merry! And, yesterday certainly lived up to that. I love the lack of structure and lack of death by powerpoint. I love having the choice to flit around from track to track – or simply sit on the sidelines having a natter.

Yesterday brought together participants from all kinds of backgrounds – Job Boards, Recruiters (Corporate and Agency), Technologists, Mobile Specialists, Branding Companies and more – all with a common interest in sharing ideas on talent attraction/social recruitment.

I was honored to be part of a very talented blogsquad – Glen Le Santa, Sarah Fuller, Sara Headworth and Katharine Robinson – who tweeted, blogged and picc’d their way through the day providing excellent commentary and snaphsots capturing the day. And my contribution to that was to carry out a series of audio interviews (boos) with willing participants on their thoughts from the day – scroll down to listen to these.

But, before getting in to the boos, I couldn’t resist posting a word cloud from the day (created using the very brilliant cloud generator). I always find word clouds a fantastic way of summing up some the main topics – and I think this one does a pretty good job it. Obviously “recruitment” was a major word from the day – with the hotly debated “community” coming in close behind.

#truNORA word cloud

Thanks to everyone who took part in the boos – take a listen by clicking the play button in the media players below – or you can visit my audioboo page for all my boos.

As I did following my last unconference, I’m feeling a huge buzz about being part of such a great collection of like-minded people. Once again, lots of great new connections are flying around this morning – on twitter, linkedin, youtube and facebook. If we’re not connected yet, you can follow me on twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr and linkedin, and I’ll make sure to follow you right back. I also have a facebook page and delicious account where I share lots of social media and communication tips, tricks and articles – so do join me there.

This time, I didn’t have my camera with me as I know Sara Headworth would do a very fine job. Below’s a sneak peek at some of her fabulous pics from the day. Do take a look at her website and flickr page for the full gallery.

Sarah Headworth #truNORA photos


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