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Not all bosses are anti-social: interview series – interview with Stephen Beynon, MD Consumer & Small Business, eircom and Meteor

by abisignorelli on November 10, 2010

Stephen Beynon

Stephen Beynon, Group MD of Consumer & Small Business, eircom and Meteor

Here’s the first of the interviews in my “Not all bosses are anti-social: interview series“.

Stephen Beynon (@stephenbeynon) is MD of Consumer and Small Business at eircom and Meteor in Ireland. In this interview, he talks about the benefits he’s experienced from becoming more social. Just click on the play button to listen to the interview – or take a read of the key points he makes below.

Stephen on the benefits in companies becoming more social…

Listen to what customers are saying about the company – and, if not positive, it’s an opportunity to intervene and offer help and assistance to sort it out.

Leads to the most amazing and positive reaction from customers when you do solve problems.

Stephen on being more social inside the workplace….

Helps build a sense of community.

Helps people get in touch with each other and feel like they’re working with others – even if they’re not in the same office or have never met.

Connecting the previously unconnectable – where employees can support and help each other to build a really powerful community across a dispersed organisation.

Builds trust.

Helps build a culture of openness and transparency that’s quite difficult to achieve in any other way – very difficult if you’re not together in the same office.

Stephen on overcoming concerns and scepticism

Level of trust is increased when you’re open about something going wrong, grabbing hold of it and sorting it out – all of which works brilliantly through social media.

It’s an environment where it’s ok to make mistakes – as long as you do respond and sort the problems out.

Stephen on the importance of being for senior execs…

As a leader, your employees want to know what you’re like and to understand more about the issues you face – being social helps build a picture of a fully rounded human being.

People on the front line feel they’ve got an open channel to you, they feel they can trust you and raise issues – rather than just seeing you as an anonymous person from head office.

Stephen on those facing barriers…

Just give it a go – don’t worry too much. Be careful and sensible but give it a go because most of the (negative) things you think might happen, won’t happen.

It’s such an important way of engaging with a whole series of different stakeholders – from customers, opinion formers, analysts, and employees.

By not doing it, you’re missing out on a great engagement vehicle – so, just get on with it!

Thanks very much to Stephen for taking the time to talk to me. More interviews are coming soon.

I know many of you struggle on selling in your business case – so, if you have a question you’d like me to ask – get in touch either by leaving a comment below, tweeting or emailing me. And, if you are – or know of – a social boss and would like to be interviewed, let me know!


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