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Social technologies for internal communications #smwldn #media140

by abisignorelli on February 3, 2011

On Wednesday 9th February 2011, I’ll be presenting at media140’s afternoon session as part of Social Media Week. This year, media140 is focusing on creating an internal business toolkit for collaboration, enrichment and retention of employees.

My session will focus on how social tools such as twitter, facebook, linkedin and youtube can be used to support and enhance employee communication and collaboration – both inside and outside the workplace.

And, in order to really focus my presentation for the audience, I’d love to hear from you – so, I’d be really grateful if you could answer a couple of quick questions – either by commenting here or by dropping me a quick tweet…

  1. Bearing in mind my brief, is there anything in particular you’d like me to cover?
  2. What’s the best example that you’ve seen – either a business or individual – of social tools supporting/enhancing employee comms and collaboration?

I’ll do my best to include your questions and comments during the presentation – and, if not, I’ll pick up on them following the session. I’ll also post up my presentation before the session so you can follow stuff virtually.

Tickets are still available so just pop on over to media140’s registration page. Other presenters joining me on the day include:

Jenny Burns – Head of internal communications for Telefonica O2 UK. Jenny will be showcasing the ‘Fanclub’, an internal recognition network used as a way of bringing employees together on a social level.

Matt O’Neill – Director of EventExtra and founder of  London Communicators and Engagement Group. Matt will focus on achieving tangible value and outcomes incorporating social media into internal conferencing.

Simeon Stewart – Co-founder, Cofacio. Sim will be using thehelpengine as means to illustrate the benefits of social learning within organisations, using a number of recent client case studies.

Thanks in advance, Abi


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Gemma Thompson February 3, 2011 at 10:25 am

Hi Abi,

Not sure if you’ve seen this already (wouldn’t be surprised if you have!). Absolutely says what I believe about workplaces creating more problems than they solve.

I would love to see more people working satellite – even if only to save the carbon produced by travel! Although I think it’s about time we looked at how our western work culture affects on the mental health of our society as a whole.

I think tools like skype, facebook and sugarsync ( ) can really help support satellite working. And or those employers that don’t trust thair staff to work there is always software like screenview ( )

Hope something in here is useful – have fun presenting!



Guy Stephens February 9, 2011 at 8:58 am

Looking forward to the event today. One of the things I did when I was at The Carphone Warehouse was to tweet at one of the annual internal manager’s conferences. By using the #yam tag we ensured that whatever was said at the conference also went to our employees following the event, as well as anyone who was interested in knowing what was being talked about. There was almost 1000 managers there. This really helped pull all our different audiences together for a moment. Considering this was two years ago, it was quite a thing to broadcast what had traditionally been an internal event for managers to not only the rest of the company but externally as well.


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