About me

Abi SignorelliProfessionally: I’m an independent Communications Specialist helping people get the most from how they communicate. I get involved in all sorts of things including building strategies, events, social media, live blogging, getting companies online, conference speaking, training and writing – more on my services here. Before going solo in 2009, for over 15 years, I held various senior level communication posts across many big brands including Virgin, Vodafone, O2 and Alcatel-Lucent – check out my LinkedIn profile for the full low down.

Sporting mad: I’m a huge sports nut – although mainly as a spectator these days. Footie (Man Utd), Formula 1 (Ferrari) and golf (anyone!) are my main passions but I love watching most sports – even darts!

My dream job: Sport journalist/presenter. I just love interviewing, blogging and presenting – and if I could combine that with my love of sport – bingo! Lee McKenzie, watch your back ;)

Food, glorious food: I’m a big foodie – I love cooking and dining out and get a real kick out of making foodie videos – check out my youtube channel’s foodie stuff playlist. I will pretty much eat, or at least try, anything and am yet to find a complete no go food item!

Close to nature: I’m a country girl at heart and love all things nature – I love the outdoors and get a big kick out of camping, being outdoors, hiking, barbecues and gardening – I try and grow as many veg and herbs as poss every year (with particular success in growing chillies which helps with my love for cooking spicy food). I’m a massive softy when it comes to animals. I have a 14 ¾ year old cat, Scampi but would love a few dogs, chickens, goats, pigs, fish – perhaps a farm one day?

Dancing queen: Well, I wish! I’ve always loved dancing and am on a quest to get serious about Latin and Ballroom. Out of all the styles, the ones I most want to master are the Argentine Tango and the Lindy Hop. Anyone know a good teacher?

Capturing the moment: Photography is a growing passion of mine – I’m still very much an amateur but am looking to keep learning through hands-on pic taking and short courses. My flipcam is never too far away either and have made many a short vid on food and family stuff. Check out my flickr page for my latest pics.

Family matters: I come from a big and very diverse family. A French mum, a France-based dad, lots of siblings (involved in food/wine, music, theatre and art) and tons of cousins, aunts and uncles. Since leaving corporate life, I try and spend more and more time with them – something I never wanted to regret not having done later in life.

What entertains me: Favourite TV includes: The Wire, Spooks, 24, The Apprentice, Masterchef, Lost and of course Strictly Come Dancing (eek). Favourite films include: Usual Suspects, American Beauty, Sexy Beast, Memento, Godfather, The Departed, Goodfellas. Favourite music includes: hmm, such a mixture….The Killers, Kings of Leon, 80s cheese, Gypsy, Balkan, Funk, Blues, Bowie!

Giving back: Finally, I’m determined to spend more time and energy on volunteering and raising awareness of causes about which I’m passionate. I’ve done a fair amount of volunteering so far and raised a decent amount of cash for a few amazing causes – but I want to do a lot more. I’m currently exploring local opportunities in Brighton and Hove and hope to get involved in Twestival early next year. One of the most memorable experiences so far was the work I did with Crisis during the 2008 Christmas period.