Case studies

Since launching Abi Signorelli Ltd in October 2009, I’ve worked with some fantastic clients on some very exciting projects:

  • Interview series: not all bosses are anti-social – a series of interviews with socially savvy bosses on the benefits of companies becoming more social. Case study…
  • Chelsea Flower Show – social marketing and live broadcasting on behalf of Sodexo Prestige Hospitality at the Chelsea Flower Show. Case study…
  • Open Golf Championship – social marketing and live broadcasting on behalf of Sodexo Prestige Hospitality at the Open Golf Championship at St Andrews. Case study…
  • Forward 3D – communication consultancy for a company acquisition and rebrand. Case study…
  • Melcrum & ipadio – social media support in the build up to an industry leading conference on social media for internal communications. Case study…
  • CBL Management – redesign and relaunch a CBL Management‘s website – a company providing a personal management service for artistes, creative and production personnel within the entertainment industry. Case study…
  • johnpc ltd – communication consultancy for an organisational redesign. More info coming soon…
  • The Loop – consultancy (ongoing) for a communication agency on launching a new social communication approach. More info coming soon…
  • Consultancy for a beauty (skincare) company on launching a new twitter account as a relationship marketing tool. More info coming soon…
  • Consultancy (ongoing) for large international corporate on redesign of their company intranet. More info coming soon…
  • Chairing several professional networking sessions on using social media to enhance communication. More info coming soon…
  • Delivery of several conference and webinar sessions on using social media for internal communication. More info coming soon…
  • Regional co-ordinator (voluntary) for Twestival – a global fund-raising and awareness event using social media for social good. More info coming soon…
  • Active participant in several networking groups of HR, Internal Comms, PR and Marketing professionals. More info coming soon…


“Abi combines deep expertise and experience in her field with an easy and approachable personality. What I particularly appreciate is that she applies a common sense approach to her advice, taking the trouble to understand the client’s situation, thus avoiding a “one size fits all” attitude” September 1, 2010

Ashley Green hired Abi as a Business Consultant in 2010

“I have contracted the services of Abi Signorelli ltd on a number of occasions and always been delighted with the quality of the work. Abi’s insights into communication provide a real value add factor and her work is always delivered on time and to budget. I would recommend Abi to any prospective company and she will be my chosen supplier for all similar projects and requirements in the future” August 7, 2010

John Cunningham hired Abi as a Business Consultant in 2010 , and hired Abi more than once

“I worked with Abi at Virgin Media – she is a very creative communicator and in particular great at pushing boundaries around new ways of using emerging channels for getting messages across. As an individual with a strong value system, Abi is also a really good check on organisational decisions and whether they are aligned to their culture. Most important of all, she is fun to work with.” January 13, 2010

Lucy Otter , Reward & Policy Director , Virgin Media Group worked directly with Abi at Virgin Media

“At a time of significant change for the business Abi led the internal communication function at Virgin Media and raised the bar to a new level above its predecessor companies. This effort was characterised by her strong innovation in the development of new channels, and critically her success in getting senior managers to adopt them. Her efforts led to a degree of two-way communication not seen before in the organisation.” October 31, 2009

Trevor Elliott , Managing Director of Customer Management , Virgin Media managed Abi indirectly at Virgin Media

“As Director of Internal Communications at Virgin Media, Abi did a great job by bringing Social Media to life, showing employees and the company the benefits of it and what was possible. We now have an Open Internet Policy, VM Twitter accounts and a group of employees empowered to use Social Media on a daily basis. So many companies are going this way now, but I think that Abi helped Virgin Media be one of the first.” November 12, 2009

Kirsty McAlonan (nee Young) , Project Manager , Virgin Media worked indirectly for Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi was the driving force within Virgin Media in terms of establishing Social Media as a real internal communications tool. I believe her to be both tenacious and driven in terms of always seeking innovative solutions to the communications needs of large organisations like Virgin Mobile and more latterly Virgin Media. Her legacy of cultural change in terms of IT’s approach to opening up social media tools on the desktops of users is far reaching and a fitting tribute to her continued efforts to drive improvements in the way we all communicate. Abi did much at the Senior Management level to ensure that people understood Social Media was being used in positive ways in order to build relationships with colleagues across all the divisions within Virgin Media. I wish her luck in her future endeavours!” November 9, 2009

Cathryn Hunt , Lead Solutions Consultant (Contact Centres) , ntl:Telewest Business (part of the Virgin Media Group)
worked indirectly for Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi ran a very positive and engaging team who took their responsibilites seriously. She brought a great Virgin approach to keeping the fun in the full range of comms while also ensuring we got the right messages out to the right people. She brought in a range of innovations that step changed how staff were engaged and interacted with and was a core part of the transformation from ntl:Telewest to Virgin Media.” November 8, 2009

JP Hamilton , Head of Propositions and Bundle Pricing , Virgin Media worked indirectly for Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi is someone who helped to bring communications to life at Virgin Media using various methodology including Twitter, before most other companies had jumped on the bandwagon. It really has worked as VM is a vibrant, fun place to work where each employee feels well connected with what is happening at the company. Having known Abi during her role at VM as a professional and switched on, but fun, I’d recommend her services to anyone else and would love to work with her again in the future.” October 30, 2009

Regan Atkinson , Senior Business Analyst , Virgin Media worked indirectly for Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi is an absolute natural at business communications. She has a timely approach and a great gift for enthusing people to take up new initiatives, particularly within the social media world. She is always prepared to put her money where her mouth is and has led from the front on all emerging communications channels, pioneering their uptake for both business and pleasure. Abi has been fully immersed in the energy and creative drive in bringing Virgin Media into being, and I have no doubt she will be extremely successful at whatever role she chooses in the future.” October 30, 2009

Anita Collier , People Engagement Manager , Virgin Media worked with Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi is a great internal communications practitioner, with a strong track record of delivering effective and timely communications that mobilises all parts of the organisation – from top to bottom – to understand and then act together to meet both business and customer goals. She pioneered the use of a wide variety of communication channels, including social media, tailoring the right message to the right individual to create an enterprise wide understanding of our vision, goals, and values.” October 27, 2009

Sean Risebrow , Director of Customer Experience , Virgin Media worked directly with Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi is a highly creative and inspirational communications professional . An avid networker, and without doubt the driving force behind the social media movement within Virgin Media. As a person, I am always humbled by her ongoing charity work – incredibly selfless!. I would have no hesitation in recommending Abi” October 27, 2009

Marie Dutton , Head of Customer Experience , Virgin Media worked indirectly for Abi at Virgin Media

“I have worked with Abi for a few years, both in the capacity as a PA and also as an employee representative. I have always found Abi to be extremely professional at all times and she will always take your ideas and produce the best communications that contain the information without being patronising. Abi was highly thought of by her colleagues within Virgin Media and also the customers that she dealt with. I would highly recommend Abi to anyone who is seeking Communication/PR services.” October 27, 2009

Julia Crozier , PA/Administrator , Virgin Media worked with Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi is a creative and inspirational comms expert who really embraced emerging social media tools during her time at Virgin Media and introduced them to the business in an exciting and engaging way. Abi is great fun to work with, always approachable and has a wealth of comms experience that would benefit any organisation.” October 27, 2009

Rebecca Burke , Regional Media Relations Manager , Virgin Media worked indirectly for Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi shook up the world of social media within Virgin Media and the way it was used for internal / external comms and was forward thinking enough to realise the positive benifits that it could bring to customers, staff and the business. Abi’s knowledge would be an invaluable benefit to any company looking to maximise the effectiveness of their communication strategy both internally and externally” October 27, 2009

Nicholas Armitt , Business Sales Support Executive , ntl:Telewest Business worked with Abi at Virgin Media

“Abi (@abisignorelli) was largely responsible for a complete overhaul of the way we do Internal Comms at Virgin Media, bringing it into the 21st century and making it web aware – externally as well as internally. Relentlessly focused on doing the ‘right’ thing to move the business on in the eyes of our staff, Abi is highly recommended to any company looking to shake things up in good ways and embrace the future.” October 26, 2009

Alex Brown , Senior Product Manager, Product Experience , Virgin Media worked with Abi at Virgin Media

“I have worked with Abi on a number of projects and intiatives and have been impressed by not only her expert knowledge of all aspects of communications, but also by her drive, energy, focus and attention to detail. Abi, displays a real passion for her role, adds real tangible value to any given project and understands the strategic importance of communication to the success of any business.” June 1, 2009

John Cunningham , Director, Business Markets , ntl:Telewest Business worked with Abi at Virgin Media

“I worked with Abi during a period of incredible change at Virgin Mobile and Media. Her strength of character and passion to make a difference was unwavering throughout. Abi is a consummate professional who really knows her stuff. Most importantly she’s a fantastic person to work with. I would highly recommend her to any organisation.” June 4, 2008

Nike Siffre , Marketing Director Planning & Strategy , Virgin Media worked with Abi at Virgin Media

“I have worked with Abi for a number of years and recommend her ability to create and manage internal communications that are relevant and engaging with employees. The true strength of her skills were demonstrated when she managed the internal communications for the acquisition of Virgin Mobile by (at the time) ntl:Telewest, where she managed to create a real buzz of excitement, and challenged the convention of the more corporate communications of ntl:Telewest at the time.” November 3, 2009

Bryn Jones , Director of Mobile Delivery , Virgin Media worked with Abi at Virgin Media

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Abi for over 10 years, as a supplier and initially as her agency representative whilst she was contracting. Abi is a driven, hard working, perfectionsist who cares enormously about her work and career. I’m glad I know her and am inspired by the way in which Abi’s career has developed over the years.” March 14, 2008

Jason Bandy , Regional Director , Glotel was a consultant or contractor to Abi at Lucent Technologies

“When I first met Abigail 15 or more years ago, I knew that she was destined for great things. Her dedication and professionalism were second to none as she developed her early career at Computer Answers, I have no hesitation in recommending Abi in the certain knowledge that she will deliver results through her hard work, intelligence and creativity.” May 25, 2009