Melcrum conference

The brief
To share exclusive content and speaker insight in the lead up to Melcrum’s Social Media Conference on 9th and 10th February 2010.

The objectives
Involve, engage, interact and converse with all those thinking of, or actually attending the conference, providing them a forum through which to ask speakers questions and hear an insight into what will be discussed at the conference.

The solution
Interviews were carried out with all speakers broadcast live via ipadio on the Internet (you can take a listen to all the interviews below). With ipadio’s full integration into other social media platforms, listerners were able to post questions and get them ansered by the speakers in real-time. This was a great example of how true social communication should work. It created a conversation and dialogue well in advance of the actual event itself – allowing the speakers and organisers to respond and react to what people think and wanted to know.

The feedback
“Thought abi provided a very solid overview of social media, just enough insight, a taste of what we can explore and develop ourselves”“Really enjoyed the workshop. Feel inspired – and have clearer idea of how to encourage leaders to get behind it.”“Abi’s passion for social media is very motivating”

“Delegates are able to tweet questions on Twitter, the interview is live on and our readers, listeners and crucially our members, are able to get a glimpse of the great content, information and advice that our speakers & experts will be able to give them on the day to make their jobs as internal communicators that much easier.” James Bennett, Melcrum’s Head of Content

“…the audience for this conference are engaging well with the pre-conference interviews, getting their questions posted live.  As a result, this conference is no longer a 2 day flash event, but a month long learning and networking experience – which given it’s a social media & communications conference is ideal.” Dr Mark Smith, CEO of ipadio